Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hypselodoris bullocki also known as a Blue Dorid nudibranch, although this is the common natural coloration (purplish), is a large nudibranch (about 2 inches), and was one of the newest members of our pico tank for about half an hour, until we found out that they are short lived (about two months), and further more, they are short lived because they starve to death as they only eat a particular type of sponge. Not wanting to watch him die of starvation, we did the only right thing we could do and returned him to the store so that they could watch him starve to death. The store originally told us they were filter feeders which I was a little suspect of, but we did some research at home on the Internet and the sad truth is unless you know exactly what they eat, you'll have an ex-nudibranch in a months time. Sorry little buddy :c

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