Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mr. Shrimpy

This is our Wood Shrimp, "Mr. Shrimpy". He hangs out at the underwater bridge and refuses to be social, unlike the Cichlids which are camera hogs. I'm sure that the Cichlids are excited because they think there is food to be had, but I would swear they dodge in front of the camera on purpose.

In this shot, you can see his hands have "Fan" like fingers, which he uses to catch food suspended in the water, or scooped up from the ground. The particles of food stick to his feet and he licks them clean when he's caught something. Sometimes he cheats and sits in a stream of water and lets the flowing water do all the work instead of waving his feet in the water.

If you right click on the photograph, it will give you a larger photo (as will all the photos on this blog), and you can see a little more detail. If you do enlarge the photo, check out his eyes, they're pretty neat!

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